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Our Process


Preparing the Story


Every video starts with a vision. During the pre-production phase you’ll work with our producers to define or clarify the best message for your audience. You’ll then co-create a strategy for bringing it to life with maximum impact.

This is the time when we’ll:


  • Learn your backstory

  • Gather any background research on your audience

  • Create a detailed strategy map for the shoot

  • Write the script(s)

  • Take care logistics: production timeline, permits, on-camera releases


Capturing the Story




Knowing that we’ve locked in a plan to cover every part of the shoot, your only role during this phase is to have fun and shine!


Publishing the Story


Following the strategy outlined at the beginning, our team of editors and graphics gurus will work their magic to create your final piece. 


You will leave the engagement with a video that’s been thoroughly customized for your message and audience — from paper concept to final frame.


This phase includes:

  • Editing video segments together to create the final piece

  • Sound enhancements

  • B-roll additions

  • Animations and other visual effects

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