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Branded Storytelling

Be a storytelling change agent.


As forward-thinking Millennials, who grew up during the technological revolution, we understand the emotional resonance of stories shared through video.

Your story allows you to share exactly what you stand for, who you wish to serve and why you’re uniquely suited to meet your audience’s needs in a compelling and authentic way. 


Your story is unique. Video, as the medium you use to tell it, is not. 


We get that! However, the way you use video to enhance your message can be the difference between hitting the mark and falling flat. We want you to hit the mark… EVERY time.


That’s why we focus on striking the right balance between strategy and execution to get you the best return on your investment — whether it’s a full-length film or a thirty-second marketing message. 


Our clients are unique. Their video stories should be too. 


Whether our client is trying to connect with a new audience or is running a campaign to build a deeper relationship with an existing one, we can help. Let us partner with you to share your vision, values and story in a way that’s guaranteed to help them stay top of mind. 

Our branded storytelling services personify the secret sauce that makes your clients unique. It’s a powerful way to differentiate clients from their competitors regardless of market saturation. 

Let us help tell your stories so that your brands take center stage. As your creative partner, we’ll work with you to produce engaging content that builds trust through a memorable brand experience.


Branded stories we like to tell:

  • Peeking behind the scenes of brands, products or events

  • Focusing on empathetic stories from key employees

  • Recording high-profile client testimonials

  • Rallying volunteers around a mission

  • Launching a new product

  • Supporting a marketing campaign

  • Recruiting new talent

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