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Feature Films

Headquarted in the Midwest.
Impacting the world.


We are based in the Midwest, with production offices in Chicago and Milwaukee, but our focus is on using films, documentaries and television projects to tell socially conscious stories that unify communities around the world. 

Telling stories through film is our specialty. It is more than what we do, it’s a part of our DNA. As a studio head you can be confident in our ability to produce, capture and edit your films with a unique, fresh-eyes perspective that: 

  • Connects with your audience around shared values, passions and purpose in a lasting way

  • Starts thoughtful conversations and inspires meaningful action around topics that matter to you 

  • Takes your vision from a static page to a highly produced piece in a captivating way 


Partner with us on your next feature studio film, independent film, documentary or television project.

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Growing Up Milwaukee

2020 | 1h 55min | Documentary | NOW STREAMING on HBO Max
Movie poster for Growing Up Milwaukee

Behind every statistic is a story.Three Black youth grapple with the daily experiences of growing up in the heart of Milwaukee, while fighting to avoid becoming just another statistic. Stark yet hopeful, it's an essential viewing for all to see through the eyes of these young folks and build empathy around their singular, yet all too familiar, experiences.


Director: Tyshun Wardlaw
Starring: Tiana Gee, Brandon Haney, Marquell Jenkins

Behind the scenes of Growing Up Milwaukee
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Hummingbird: A Sister's Courage

2017 | 18 min | Short, Drama
Hummingbird movie poster

A woman goes undercover to rescue her teenage sister from a human trafficking operation.

Director: Tyshun Wardlaw
Writer: Tyshun Wardlaw
Starring: Alexis Jones
, Nadjah Hasan, Niyah Smith

Behind the scenes of Hummingbird: A Sister's Courage
Behind the scenes of Hummingbird: A Sister's Courage
Behind the scenes of Hummingbird: A Sister's Courage
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